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The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) defines transition services as “a coordinated set of activities for a student that is designed with an outcome-oriented process, which promotes movement from school to post school activities.”
In the state of Utah, it is required to have a transition plan in place as part of the first IEP after a student turns 14 years old. However, if the IEP team determines it necessary, transition plans may be implemented prior to that IEP on a case by case basis.

Utah Virtual Academy begins this process during the sixth-grade year, with a focus being on awareness of High School requirements as well as providing the opportunity to identify and explore career goals. As the student progresses forward through to graduation, activities increase in intensity to focus on post-secondary goals and outcomes. 
Part of this process includes helping you to identify and connect with resources in the community that will assist you in becoming as independent as possible and being a contributing member of society.  Please see the resources page for more information or reach out to our transition coordinator, Isaac Rodenbough at 801-262-4922 ext 6280 or irodenbough@utahvirtual.org for assistance.

UTVA Transition

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